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Dominnique Karetsos

As the Founder and CEO of The Healthy Pleasure Group, it’s my passion to help businesses like yours, thrive. With over 20 years’ experience in the beauty, retail, and health sectors, I’ve worked both as a global consultant and in brand-side roles for major players such as Intimina, L’Oréal Maybelline, MysteryVibe and O’Boticario, reshaping and reengineering brand strategy for profitability, in over 40 markets. 


An early industry shaper, I coined the term Sexual Health & Technology to define this fast moving sector and bring a level of brand, commercial, innovation expertise and investment that was sorely missing. Indeed, I see investment, education and innovation as the true drivers of our industry and the pillars of my approach in guiding both market leaders and start ups to develop their sustainable competitive advantage and drive real behavioural change.  

Leading this narrative, I speak regularly on global stages, including panels at Management Today and the Women Innovation Health Summit, key notes at Sigma Health Tech, Malta and sTARTUp Day, Estonia and thought leadership talks at Women in Tech Global Summit, Paris and more. Furthermore, for three years, Dominnique has served as a UN Delegate for CSW65/67 and the Future of Innovation, a humbling experience understanding the fabric of our global pain points echoed in each country’s socio-political system.


I know too well the  journey of finding investment and building businesses in the SH&T industry.  Recognising early on,  the distinct lack of investment for businesses in the industry to drive growth, I co-established Amboy Street Ventures, a fund that solely invests in Sexual Health & Women's Health Technologies. 

Ute M. Arndt

Ute is an acclaimed Brand and Innovation authority and an expert in CPG and Feminine & Intimate Care. She brings a wealth of commercial experience having worked for some of the world’s leading players across diverse industries including; Essity, Intel, Amazon.


Ute is the Retail & Innovation Advisor for Healthy Pleasure Group and Commercial Innovation Director at MINT Hub, the only innovation hub dedicated to delivering human centric, honest innovation that enables social change in the Intimate and Sexual Health and Well-being Industry.

Purpose driven and human centric to her core, Ute embeds herself in the psychology of a target customer group, understanding their changing needs, and how brands can grow by owning these opportunities. Combined with an agile mind, a visionary leadership style and her in-depth category knowledge, Ute has enabled companies to realise landmark innovations that have not only enabled social change but enabled brand growth into new categories, directly impacting bottom line performance and market share. Testimony to this is her success in spearheading the transformation of the feminine hygiene category at Essity from stain management to holistic V-care, including re-launching the brands and driving innovations that laid the foundation for sustainable market share growth and brand IP in intimate care, underwear and femtech.


Ute also calls on a broad playbook of commercial strategy and innovation from her tenure at Siemens Mobile where she successfully launched a new brand concept for Gigaset and a product portfolio across 25 countries within a tight time frame. While at Amazon she also launched the Games and Software Category in Europe.Deeply passionate about dismantling taboos around intimate and sexual health topics and changing the narrative around pleasure and sexual well-being, she has already led change in this area by shifting how brands talk about product categories such as feminine hygiene and enabling a more consumer-centric approach to serving said categories.Ute is a veritable hyperglot, having lived and worked across multiple continents she speaks five languages.


She is also the founder of the NGO, we.are.elimu, dedicated to providing education to children and young women in Tanzania. Her cross-cultural working knowledge and her passion to push boundaries brings a deeper dimension to understanding others and fuels her ambition to empower all people with education, intimate health and sexual well-being.

Dr Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy (“Mafe”)

Dr Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy (“Mafe”) is a renowned and leading Urologist, Andrologist and Sexual Medicine expert. She co-founded the Healthy Pleasure Group in 2019, the world’s first and only professional services company dedicated to supporting the launch and transformation of Sexual Health and Technology brands and businesses. She is also Head of Innovation and Sexual Medicine at MINT Hub, an innovation hub born out of the exponential success of the Healthy Pleasure Group and the only innovation hub dedicated to delivering social change and honest innovation across the Intimate, Sexual Health and Well-being industry.

At MINT, Mafe oversees investment in expert economic, social and medical research. With her team, she invents, tests, develops and builds tangible, bespoke products across Intimate, Sexual Health and Well-being categories working with people who want to be part of landmark innovations in SexTech.

Mafe’s life work has centered around three guiding principles; the medical, scientific and human reasons that enable or prevent people from enjoying fulfilled intimate lives.

She brings a unique blend of medical, human and commercial expertise honed from her rigorous training in urology, andrology and sexual medicine as well as her experience working over the years with Healthy Pleasure Group's portfolio of clients from Dame, Scotch Porter, Essity, and more. As an entrepreneur in her own right, she has pioneered innovations and has hands-on experience developing sexual health products to help women and men achieve fulfilled sexual lives.

Mafe is a respected authority in sexual health and medicine, a speaker and author of a plethora of published research papers and journals on topics including erectile dysfunction as a women’s issue, male infertility, orgasms, healthy masculinity, and the impact of COVID-19 on sex lives, to name a few.

She has also been quoted as a sexual health expert in key trade and business press including Forbes.

As well as serving as a passionate educator across SH&T industry, she also recognises the importance of investment to drive social change and behaviour. As such, she sits as General Partner on Amboy Street Ventures, a $20M+ fund dedicated to investing in Sexual Health & Women’s Health Technology.

Christian Bloomgren

Christian Bloomgren is a distinguished healthcare executive boasting over two decades of leadership in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and health-tech enterprises. He has steered early-stage companies through comprehensive go-to-market strategies and operational life cycles, exemplified by his roles at ViaCell, PerkinElmer, TherapeuticsMD, Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, and Infinant Health.


With an impressive track record of introducing more than 15 products across pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device markets, Bloomgren's expertise shines particularly in women’s health, where he has overseen the successful launches of 10+ products, including noteworthy offerings such as Sarafem, Evista, and Annovera. He has garnered notable accolades, including 3x Forbes 'Fast 500' recognitions for exceptional sales growth and leadership recognition from the Aesthetic Industry Association.

Christian's accomplishments extend beyond commercial achievements, as he has led multiple companies through acquisitions, public offerings, and private equity raises. His impact has spanned roles ranging from VP Sales/Marketing to SVP, Chief Commercial Officer, and President. His latest accolade includes the publication of an article titled 'Commercial Innovation In The Evolving Healthcare Industry' on Forbes online in April 2023.


His areas of expertise encompass a wide array of sectors, including product commercialisation, pharmaceutical and biotech management, medical device development, medtech product launches, startup leadership, FDA regulatory strategy, international strategy, distribution strategy, market analysis, and investor relations. Throughout his career, Christian Bloomgren has exemplified authentic leadership, translating strategy across functions to enhance collaboration and drive positive organisational outcomes.

Meet our expert  team

Dominnique Karetsos

CEO & Co-Founder HPG, General Partner at Amboy Street Ventures, UN Delegate UN Women.

Dr Mafe Peraza Godoy

Co-Founder and Head of Sexual Medicine HPG, Leading Urologist & Andrologist, General Partner at Amboy Street Ventures.

Ute Arndt

Retail & Innovation Advisor for HPG.

Christian Bloomgren

USA Commercial & Distribution

​Each of our services are aimed at providing tailored advice, critical intelligence, and a fresh perspective on business challenges, innovation, positioning, and offering; helping clients to future-proof their businesses, reach their goals, and accelerate their strategic direction across commercial, retail, go-to-market, and medical areas.

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